Buy Kefir in Chennai

Kefir in Chennai

Buy Kefir in Chennai

What is Kefir?

Kefir is fermented and cultured beverage with taste matching to that of a yogurt drink. The tart and refreshing flavor of Kefir is found to be identical to a drinking-style yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast are symbiotically combined into it to let you perceive extraordinary health benefits when taken regularly.

The appealing aspect is that it is packed with valuable vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it also consists of easily digestible complete proteins. You can now find Kefir to be widely prevalent in the majority of grocery stores near the dairy. If you wish to improve your digestive system, you should consume it regularly.

We supply Water  Kefir  Grains and Milk Kefir Grains  at your doorsteps with free Delivery . Once Bought there is no need to rebuy  Kefir Grains again  as they last forever becoz of our extreme good quality Kefir Grains  . We dont compromise on our Kefir Grains  Quality Standards .     Quality Checks : One among the most essences behind our success is that, we have a tendency to follow strict quality standards to confirm our purchasers get the price they’re paying for. These well established quality standards square measure followed in packaging further as in delivery too.  

Packing : Every packaging is manually checked by our specialists to confirm optimum quality. These client familiarized policies are the backbone of our work method and that we work towards achieving a massive client satisfaction.

Kefir which is considered a super food has unbelievable health benefits . Our ancestors were cognizant of its healing power with ‘kefir’ originating from the Turkish word ‘Keif’, which implies ‘good feeling’. Kefir is created from any kind of milk (cow, Buffalo, sheep, goat, dairy, camel) with the addition of  white ‘cauliflower’ or ‘coral’ wanting grain known as Kefir Grains that ferments the milk.

This fermentation method creates a fizzing, tart, acidic tasting milk product, with the consistency of drinkable food that is swarming with probiotic microorganism and yeast. it’s conjointly loaded with several vitamins, nutrients and minerals that square measure simply digestible. 

Kefir Grains has smart  micro-organisms, micro- and macro-nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals like proteins, vitamin B, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, among others. For thousands of decades agone, townsmen and shepherds of Caucasus mountain had accidentally discovered kefir .  This incident accidentally created kefir by the act of fermentation. At first, they failed to recognize or had any medical information concerning this food. they simply knew that they felt healthier, stronger and were free of diseases and lived longer lives once drinking it .

Kefir in Chennai

How Do We Send the Kefir Grains To You?

We send the Kefir Grains by fastest  courier  to your address anywhere in India. The Kefir grains are tightly packed in a container with enough milk for kefir grains to be healthy until it reaches you. You can unpack the Grains and use it from Day 1. We assure you 100% about the health of the Kefir grains in transit.

Shipping Policy

  • Free Shipping Throughout India
  • Free Mesh Strainer
  • Free Kefir Instructions Notes
  • Dispatch your order within 24 Hours
  • Courier will reach you within 2-3 Days
  • Grains will be active upto 15 Days in Courier
  • Free replacement if grains are dead in Courier

Quality Assurance

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  • Live, Natural & Organic Grains
  • FSSAI Registered Product
  • Gluten and GMO Free
  • High Bacteria Count
  • Buy Once and Use Unlimited Times
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