Live & Organic Milk Kefir Grains + Strainer +Wooden Spoon

Live & Organic Milk Kefir Grains + Strainer +Wooden Spoon


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Product: 100% organic , Pure & live MILK KEFIR GRAINS to make  your own kefir at the house! Ideal for those who love themselves and their family members .
Set Includes:
  • 1 large tablespoon of live organic milk  grains [15 grams] produce up to 1 Litre  of kefir a day and increased quantity  as the kefir grains grow.
  • Strong Culture-Friendly Plastic Strainer & Wooden Spoon
  • Will comfortably handle and strain a quart or higher.
  • Color – Picked at Random
  • Built -Plastic with fine nylon mesh; helpful and healthy for your milk and water kefir.
  • Characteristics hooks to promote straining your cultured drinks simply over a bowl
Yield: This value of kefir grains can provide up to 1 Litre  of delightful kefir each day, to  begin with, and increased  extra as the kefir grains grow.
Notes: On arrival, When you open the bag the It may give off a mighty yeasty sour odor ( depends on the weather though not regularly), It’s because of grains produced natural gas which is to be expected.

We  only supply High Quality Milk Kefir Grains  & Strainer .

Our Grains are 100 % Organic and Live.
We supply Grains in all parts of India .
With Kefir grains you also get  complete Instruction Manual .

You can also pay via paytm or Bank Transfer ….(Pls whatsapp for details) 

For any queries pls whatsapp us @ +91-9999403958 .

We ship all orders  within 2 business days. 


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