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Kefir Benefits – The Super Food

Kefir Benefits – The Super Food Kefir is a nutritious drink that is made by the fermentation of milk or mineral water by the kefir grains at room temperature. Kefir grains are the cultures of good bacteria and yeast that are reusable and can be cultured again. The culture can be grown as per the type of kefir grains in milk or water. Know more about What Is kefir (Link the previous post here). Kefir is a complete balanced and [...]

What is Kefir ?

What Is Kefir- Now In India What is Kefir? Well, to be really honest I am going to answer this question as, kefir is the infinite and endless super nutrition source. So much so, I could have taken it to the Island with me if I ever had a ship wreck! Better not fantasize about Robinson Crusoe any more, let’s get insight of What is Kefir actually. I am sure that by the end of post you will regret not having it already. What Is Kefir: Kefir [...]

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