What is Kefir ?

What is Kefir ?

What Is Kefir- Now In India

What is Kefir? Well, to be really honest I am going to answer this question as, kefir is the infinite and endless super nutrition source. So much so, I could have taken it to the Island with me if I ever had a ship wreck! Better not fantasize about Robinson Crusoe any more, let’s get insight of What is Kefir actually. I am sure that by the end of post you will regret not having it already.

What Is Kefir:

Kefir is a delicious beverage that is made with the help of kefir grains. No! Kefir grains are not something grown in field or some cereal. They are cultures of good bacteria and yeast that are used to ferment the milk or sweet liquids into some delicious and extremely nutritious probiotic beverage. After preparation of a batch of kefir the grains can be strained and reused for other batch and thus kefir grains never last!

Kefir beverage is of two types, milk kefir and water kefir, thus it directly implies we have two types of cultures of kefir grains, one for milk and the other for water.

Kefir milk is made by the fermentation of fresh dairy milk at room temperature. The culture of kefir grains is grown too in organic milk. Kefir water on the other hand, is made by fermentation of mineral enriched water or sweet liquids. And yes, you guessed it right, the culture is grown too in sweet water.

What Is kefir Good For:

Kefir is enriched with probiotics, vitamins, minerals,nutrients,Calcium, essential amino acids, Proteins, Biotin, Phosphorus, Vitamins B1, B12 and so many other countless nutrients that make up this drink a complete balanced diet in itself. A complete Supplement! Having this abundance of nutrients it really does wonders in maintaining and improving our health that includes strong immunity, a healthy gut with healthy flora, enhances lactose digestion, fulfils the deficiency of major and minor nutrients in our body,Eases mental, digestive, respiratory, structural (bone) and circulatory system problems, helps in cancer, AIDS, Herpes and other viral diseases by strengthening the immune system. It is extremely helpful in osteoporosis and improves the skin and get it rid of problems. The real magic lies in its abundance of all the balanced nutrients and richness of probiotics that keep the gut healthy. You are definitely wishing by now you had this balanced diet earlier!

How To Prepare and Consume Kefir:

Preparing the culture of Kefir is really easy. Just get your hands on fresh, healthy and organic grains whether water kefir grains or milk kefir grains. Culture them and then ferment the fresh milk or sweet liquids as desired and per the type of culture at room temperature. Finally, strain out the grains from your beverage and drink it. The strained grains can be cultured again and reused. You will never run out of your Kefir!

Why Is it So Important for Me:

In India, most of the population being vegetarian miss out on the proteins, probiotics, essential amino acids and some vitamins that are not present in the vegetables and fruits we eat. This leads to many health problems prevalent in our state that are directly related to these lacking nutrients. In kefir these all nutrients are present that we shouldn’t miss out on now, to have a healthy balanced lifestyle.

The Super Pro:

What can be more better than a complete balanced supplement that never lasts us but grows more and more! Free yourself from the chains of repetitive investments you make in dietary pills, syrups and artificially synthesized and preserved drinks when you can have it organic, completely home made and with one time investment.

Now that you know what is kefir, its endless benefits and nutrients of this supplement with its endless life span. Aren’t you going to grab your combo too at your doorstep in India? Isn’t it going to be your first pick to the island now!

Summing it up in few lines, Kefir is an extremely nutritious beverage (Milk or Water) that is produced by the fermentation of kefir grains (cultures of bacteria and yeast) that can be strained out from the beverage, re cultured and used again.

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