Kefir Benefits – The Super Food

Kefir Benefits – The Super Food

Kefir Benefits – The Super Food

Kefir is a nutritious drink that is made by the fermentation of milk or mineral water by the kefir grains at room temperature. Kefir grains are the cultures of good bacteria and yeast that are reusable and can be cultured again. The culture can be grown as per the type of kefir grains in milk or water. Know more about What Is kefir (Link the previous post here). Kefir is a complete balanced and nutritious diet that has all the essential nutrients and probiotics that our body needs to function. All these properties doubtlessly make it a super food and you are yet to discover that in this post.

KEFIR BENEFITS # What Does Kefir Contains:

Kefir holds the goodness of Vitamins (D/C/B1/B6/B12/), Proteins, Calcium, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Carbohydrates, fats, minerals, Probiotics, Tryptophan, Amino acids, Biotins, polysaccharides, Enzymes, digestible sugars and numerous other essential nutrients required for normal functioning of the body.

KEFIR BENEFITS # How Does Kefir Nourishes Me:

Having contained so many essential and vital nutrients, Kefir bears the properties of antioxidants, anti tumour and anti microbial agents that plays a major role in healthy body.

The abundance of enzymes and the probiotics in kefir keep the gut healthy thus promoting efficient metabolism and a check on the flora of gut along with relief from problems like diarrhoea, flatulence and infections.

Proteins, tryptophan and some amino acids promote healthy nervous system.

High content of calcium and vitamin D proves helpful in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Kefir also promotes lactose digestion thus helps in lactose intolerance not only that but It keeps the heart problems, like hypertension, stress etc, at bay.

Since it improves and strengthens the immunity, Kefir has proved to be very helpful to the patients of cancer, AIDS, syndromes and recurring infections.

Due to its detoxifying effects, the body cleanses inside out and helps in problem free body and skin.

Kefir balances the blood sugar and being a complete balanced diet that fulfils the energy and nutrient requirements of the body, therefore prevents any cravings for junk food.

Above are mentioned some of the countless benefits of kefir however, check out the benefits of Water kefir (Link your website page) and milk kefir (link you page) to see the detailed articles on how this super food nourishes your body.

KEFIR BENEFITS # Do I Really need Kefir?:

Most of the time in the hustle and bustle of our lifestyle we are not able to keep track of our diet and health. This carelessness leaves our body in deficiency of several vital nutrients that are important for normal functioning of life. What happens ultimately is, that our health gradually deteriorates. Apart from this,in India most of the population is vegan which leaves Indians deficient of many nutrients that are not available in vegan diet in sufficient amounts. If you also think that you are not taking enough nutrition due to your lifestyle or dietary habits then Kefir drink which is abundant in essential nutrients and probiotics is a must for you.

KEFIR BENEFITS # What If I Have A Medical History?:

Kefir is completely safe to be taken if you are allergic or on a weight loss. Not only is it harmless in these cases but also improves the condition. It is safe to drink kefir in lactose intolerance because it promotes lactose digestion and water kefir has no lactose.

For people who are on a a diet can safely consume kefir because it is rich in proteins and therefore fulfils your dietary requirements while keeping a check on it through active metabolism. Also the water kefir doesn’t contain sugars yet has numerous vital nutrients for normally functioning body.

Allergic people can also consume kefir safely because it contains the nutrients that doesn’t cause reactions or allergies in the body.

Kefir is easily digestible and helps in improved metabolism therefore people with digestive and metabolism problems can consume it without any hassle.

KEFIR BENEFITS # Is It Worth The Budget?:

Kefir is a one time investment as compared to the costly dietary and supplementary pills. This is because, the kefir grains can be cultured again and again and reused. Kefir grains never last us if, cultured properly and kept in healthy environment.

So yes it is one time investment and definitely worth my money!

The final words, Kefir is a nutritious fermented drink that is a complete balanced diet which fulfils all the requirements of body. Not only harmless but also beneficial in different health conditions. These all properties for sure make it a super food!

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